In Berlin, this vibrant city that attracts youth and artists from around the world, their lives change forever when they face the challenges of living on their own for the first time in a new city surrounded by caring friends sometimes and by canny enemies in other times. Shojoon al Hajry who plays “Fajr” in the series the girl who suffers from gradual memory loss, so every night she sits in front of the camera in her apartment in Berlin and tells her story so she can use the footage as a reminder. Her life is a memory on paper. The series also features (Shouq) a kind and good hearted girl that comes to pursue her medical studies. (Najd) A conservative veiled girl who comes to Berlin to study law at Humboldt university where Einstein studied and taught, in addition to (Mashael), (Nawaf), (Fawaz), (Hamad), (Jasem) each of them came to Berlin with big dreams and had their share of adventures in the first ever Kuwaiti series to tells the story of Kuwaiti students in Germany and their ambitions and challenges in the city of youth Berlin.

Written by: Adel Al Jabiri
Directed by: Ali Al Ali
Starring: Shojoun, Fatima Al Safi, Soumoud Al Kandrai, Reem Erhama, Ali Kakouli, Fakhriah Khamees, Abdallah Al Tarawrah, Mohamed Al Mossallem, Hanady Al Kandari, Abdallah Al Tleihy

Wednesday, 17/06/2015
Wednesday, 17/06/2015
Wednesday, 17/06/2015
Wednesday, 17/06/2015

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9 - ?
ارجوووووووكم ارجوووووكم تكفووووون اعرضولنا مسلسل امنا رويحة الجنة
13/07/2016 03:43pm
8 - ?
رولا غالب
قناة الرأي العزيزة ارجوكم اعرضولنا امنا رويحة الجنة
09/07/2016 10:45pm
7 - ؟
متى آمنا روئحة الجنه
01/07/2015 04:08am
6 - ؟
01/07/2015 04:07am
5 - متى مسلسل
Abu zahraa
متى أمنا رويحة الجنة
29/06/2015 05:03pm
4 - سعرض الدراما الخليجية
متى قابل للكسر
29/06/2015 04:38am
3 - شيخة الغناميات
شكر وعرفان
الف الف شكر لقناة الراي على التميز الدائم بس نتمنى ان تكون الدراما الخليجيه اكثر عرض
22/06/2015 03:34am
2 - استفسار ممكن
زهور العمر
الساعه كم يعرض والاعاده
21/06/2015 04:46pm
1 - نصيحه
نصيحه لأحبابى من أهل الكويت وكل من يسكن هذة الأرض أبتعدوا عن هذة المسلسلات لأنها مثل المخدرات , نحن مقدمون على شهر الخير لا شهر المسلسل
15/06/2015 08:57am

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