Warahom Warahom Show

This program highlights the football season in Kuwait, showcasing the most prominent events, tournaments and happenings in the best soccer teams : Al Qadisiya, Al-Arabi, and Kuwait club.

A sport analyst or a player will be hosted in the studio to discuss the week’s football news.

A celebrity, for example, an artist or an actor will be hosted as well to undergo a dialogue about his relationship with football and his opinions concerning the soccer stars.

Additionally , Viewers will get to participate to share their views and comments.
PresenterPresented by: Abed Al Aziz Al Nabhan

Schedule• Monday @ 09:30pm Kuwait Time

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محمد نور
هذا البرنامج رائع وجميل سعدت بمتابعة هذا البرنامج
26/10/2016 04:25pm

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